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STS ( Smart Transaction System ) :
An online transaction system empowered by digital data in trading process
Implement the trading process by IT system intelligently
Protect and secure your purchase orders on
STS protects and secures online orders when payment is made through
The mechanism of STS ( Smart Transaction System ) automatically performs payment and settlement processes based on electronic contracts.
Buyer and Supplier confirm e-Contract on
Buyer places purchase order to supplier Supplier confirms e-Contract with Buyer
Buyer pays payment the Deposit to via eTradePay before effecting shipment at loading port.
Supplier deliver cargo to the Forwarders who has registered in with digital integration agreement.
Buyer pays the Balance to via eTradePay before picking up at destination.
5 releases the payment to Supplier after picking up.
Remarks: Proportion of Deposit and Last Balance can be negotiated and fixed in the e-Contract.
Online Payment & Settlement Scheme holds the payment during the transaction and release it by below schedule::
Settlement Schedule
1.Release of Deposit: instructs the bank to release the Deposit to Supplier after the shipment is effected at origin port.
2.Release of Balance: instructs the bank to release the Balance to Supplier One Working Day after shipment is picked up at Destination.
Payment schedule
1.Deposit payment: the Buyer pays the Deposit to according to the e-Contract.
2.Balance Payment: the Buyer pays the Balance to before picking up at destination port.
All the above operation is implemented by system of STS automatically.
How To Get Protection by Smart Transaction System / STS
1.Place an online order with STS Suppliers
You can easily find STS Supplier by looking for the STS symbol
2.Make payment through eTradepay which provide multiple channels for payment.
Keep in mind: The protection is only for online order by . It is only enforced when you make payment via
3.Effect shipment with the shipping company or Forwarder company who has agreement with
Remarks: Shipping or Forwarder company release the cargo to buyer only when all payment has been paid to